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Chedz Premium Cheese Snack: GF Peppercorn, 6pk

Gluten Free rBST Free

Chedz Premium Cheese Snacks boast simple ingredients and real cheese. Made in Portland, Oregon by family-owned Hall Brands, you're going to love Chedz by the handful, in soups or salads, and with beer or wine. Unless your kids get them first!

Chedz Premium Cheese Snack, Gluten Free Pepper 6pk



Is it possible to feel love for a cheese snack? Folks who've discovered Chedz think so. Inspired by Chedz unrivaled cheesiness, 7 grams of protein and unique crunch, our fans bring them on every vacation, hide emergency bags around the house, and begin half of their conversations with "You have to try these!"

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