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Single Origin White Basmati Rice, 32oz, 6-Pack

Directly from Gujrat in the Punjab region where the glaciers of Kashmir feed the paddy fields, and harvested by family growers using a traditional process passed down over 500 years.

Introducing the first Single Origin Global Food Company. "We care about the quality of our families' foods. That's why we source and share the best organic and non-GMO foods on the planet. Sustainably harvested from a single place, single farm or single family, our products can be traced back to their exact origins. We believe that good comes from good, and we care as much about our producers as we do our products. We get to know our harvesters, pay fair wages, reinvest in the nutrient-rich lands and grow communities. So our products don't just taste real good; the DO real good. It's not the easy way. But for us, it's the only way. And we keep everything right from the source.

RealCo-32ozBasmatiRice 6-Pack



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  • Sourced from One Single Farm
  • 100% Organic, Low GI, and Pre-Biotic
  • 100% Gluten Free
  • non-GMO
  • Aged to perfection for incredible taste
  • Low GI, and Pre-Biotic
  • Grown with care by happy farmers

We are introducing and pioneering what we believe to be an exciting and transparent new food category and method of sourcing produce globally and delivering it at a local level; named SINGLE ORIGIN. We enter partnerships with farmers and growers around the world who don't have an established route to distribute their produce and from there we create a way to share there their commodity with the world. Our representatives visit these farms and ensure a minimum criteria of quality can be met. We will only engage with a farm if:

  • it is producing non-gmo products, and where possible with organic and/or vegan certification.
  • they meet our set minimum standards of living and working conditions for the staff.
  • they have utilised their land and local environment in an ethical and sustainable way.
  • they have contributed to supporting their local community, whether it be through the creation of jobs, tourism or any other tangible means.

Once we are satisfied with these factors and we believe that they have a product that delivers quality in taste and has a uniqueness not found in many other available products, we negotiate with these farmers directly to take their produce straight from Farm to shelf directly, eliminating the need for any middle men. This unique single origin method allows everyone in the world to enjoy what is usually impossible to experience; Unique, tasty, Freshly farmed/mined produce at affordable prices.

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